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  • Four keyboard shortcuts you should know…

    I’m writing this because I see so many people who use computers regularly who don’t know these basic keyboard shortcuts. They’re easy – learn them and your computer life will be much better. Most work on pretty much any GUI (Windows, Unix, even Mac substituting the CMD key for the CTRL key). So with no […]

  • Forcing a Window Media Player library rescan

    If you’re using your Windows Media Player (WMP) as a Windows Media “server” to share your music library, yet don’t use WMP directly to manage your media (I use the much more rich MediaMonkey) then you may want to force a library rescan when you add new tracks to your file-store(s). This isn’t very hard, […]

  • Useful Intel links…

    Two links from Intel are particularly useful for desktop/laptop users. First, this tool will find out if the Intel drivers you’re using are up-to-date: since many if not most desktops/laptops include some Intel based chipset (even if it isn’t the main CPU), then this is a pretty useful site to use. If you’re interested […]

  • Converting VMware virtual disk to “eagerzeroedthick”

    Pretty simple from the console really: vmkfstools -d eagerzeroedthick -i <virtual-disk-source>.vmdk <virtual-disk-target>.vmdk Note that this will completely expand the size of the filesystem (ie: it will no longer be “thin”). I needed this not to convert a “thin” filesystem to “thick” filesystem, but a “thick” filesystem to a clusterable “thick” filesystem. The default of “zereodthick” […]

  • How to deactivate Adobe Digital Editions

    As found on an Adobe Forum… To deactivate a PC with Adobe Digital Editions 1.x: Launch Digital Editions 1.x Enter the key-combination of <CTRL><SHIFT>D (<CMD><SHIFT>D on Mac OS) At the dialog, confirm that you wish to de-activate the machine Quit Digital Editions To reactivate and authorize the machine using the same or a new Adobe […]

  • Unlocking a Cisco IP phone

    One of those things I can never remember! It’s: **# Lets you change the network configs among other things. Also can factory reset with: Settings> Phone settings> Press **2 Works on older 7921 at least.

  • How to convert to/from DOS format in VIM…

    It’s very easy, but also easy to forget how to convert to or from a DOS format file in Unix using “vim” (Vi iMproved), the Open Source “vi”. If the file is in DOS format and you want to convert to Unix, use the command: :set ff=unix note that “ff” is an abreviation for “fileformat” […]

  • How to “fix” a Mozilla plugin for a new Firefox

    Ok, lets you’re using a great Firefox plugin, like say “QuickProxy” and you go to upgrade Firefox and it doesn’t work because it says the plugin doesn’t support this version of the Firefox. Well, there’s an easy “hack” (kludge, whatever) around it: Download the “.XPI” plugin file, rename it to a “.ZIP” extension. Unzip it […]