What is 802.1x?

If you’re investigating things like enterprise WPA and/or NAC based network control you’ll probably run into the fact that it uses 802.1x protocol. So what is 802.1x?

Basically the long and short of it is IEEE 802.1x is just a protocol to pass EAP over wired/wireless LANs. EAP on the other hand is just a . . . → Read More: What is 802.1x?

If using WPA-PSK, use a long key!

If you must use WPA-PSK (meaning WPA with a pre-shared key, rather than WPA using 802.1x authentication via Radius), make sure your key is sufficiently long. Ideally 20 characters or more.

To quote:

Robert Moskowitz’s article, “Weakness in Passphrase Choice in WPA Interface,” describes a theoretical attack on WPA passwords. The tools WPA-psk-bf, CoWPAtty and . . . → Read More: If using WPA-PSK, use a long key!