How to “fix” a Mozilla plugin for a new Firefox

Ok, lets you’re using a great Firefox plugin, like say “QuickProxy” and you go to upgrade Firefox and it doesn’t work because it says the plugin doesn’t support this version of the Firefox.

Well, there’s an easy “hack” (kludge, whatever) around it:

  • Download the “.XPI” plugin file, rename it to a “.ZIP” extension.
  • Unzip it to a temp directory.
  • Edit the “install.rdf” file.
  • Search for the “install.rdf” file for the “MaxVersion” XML attribute and change the version to a version greater than or equal to the version of Firefox you’re running.
  • Save the “install.rdf”.
  • Zip all the files in the “.XPI” back together again including the “install.rdf” you just edited (will be a “.ZIP” file of course).
  • Rename the “.ZIP” file back to a “.XPI” file.
  • Open the Firefox and go to “Tools / Add-ons” and just “drag and drop” your new “.XPI” file on the window (note at least in Firefox 3 you can just drop it anywhere in the view pane even without going to “Tools / Add-ons”).

That’s it. Note it may or may not work as there could really be an incompatibility. My guess is usually there isn’t (neither QuickProxy nor Exif Viewer had an issue when I fudged them).

Note this was taken from Mr. Sandman’s review of QuickProxy here:

and I assume it will probably work with all other Firefox plugins.


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