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  • Out of the mouths of Astronauts…

    Applies to IT as well: “And it’s worth remembering, too, there’s no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse also.” – Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut

  • Useful Intel links…

    Two links from Intel are particularly useful for desktop/laptop users. First, this tool will find out if the Intel drivers you’re using are up-to-date: since many if not most desktops/laptops include some Intel based chipset (even if it isn’t the main CPU), then this is a pretty useful site to use. If you’re interested […]

  • Beware of Outlook…

    Just to save you the embarrassment I thought I would warn Thunderbird users about a little something I discovered today if you use HTML formatting with Thunderbird while interacting with users of Outlook 2007. Attached are two views of the same email created in Thunderbird and sent out. One view is from Thunderbird, the other […]

  • ICANN to end (finally) domain tasting/kiting

    Domain “tasting” and “kiting“, which are where companies (often registrars) use a loophole in the domain purchase cancellation policy to hold domains without paying for them, are finally heading toward an end. Using “tasting” and “kiting” techniques a huge number of domains that otherwise would be available are held by corporations who essentially “squat” on […]

  • Handy “Mozilla” backup page

    If you want to back up your Mozilla settings, whether it be Firefox or Thunderbird, this is a very hand page: I had actually figured out most of these, but it help me catch a few I might have otherwise missed.