Swift to C++

So having just watched a great webcast from O’Reilly on Swift (and certainly having plenty more to learn):

Protocols == Pure Virtuals Generics == Templates Extensions == Class Derivation/Extension/Overloading on steroids Operator Overloading == Operator Overloading, again on steroids. Closures == well, nothing innate, but pretty much same thing as Python Closures

Curiously, and I . . . → Read More: Swift to C++

Python – some truth in this…

I have to say even as a relative newcomer to Python, I find a fair bit of truth in this:


Working in a non-homogenous (that is, heterogeneous OS) environment where Python 2.x vs. Python 3.x is not guaranteed, the lack of backwards (or forwards) compatibility is problematic. If nothing else it erodes . . . → Read More: Python – some truth in this…

Using LDAP Paged Controls with Python