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  • Ubuntu Jammy ate my homework

    This site needs a lot of updates and a ton of spring (multiple springs’) cleaning. However, it’s a particular mess right now because I updated my Ubuntu server to Jammy and its newer PHP destroyed my (dated) WordPress theme. So… Lot to come there along with updating pages et al. Please forgive the ensuing mess.

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  • Signing the “Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter”

    I have joined the other signatories of the “Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter“. Like any declaration of its breadth, I have varying opinions about points within the statement, but in broad strokes it captures my concerns. Note that I do not in any way limit this to OpenAI’s efforts only, but all machine…

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  • Resurrection

    Been quite some time since I’ve posted to this site, in part because I had to debug a plugin issue, but also because I’ve spent too much time on Twitter, and (no small deal, and by far the best part) had a son to shepherd to adulthood. Some updates since: Look forward updating this site…

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