Fedora Core 6-isms

While in the organizations I have sway over we are working to rid ourselves of older out of maintenance OSes, I do occasionally run into some Fedora Core 6. When I do there are a couple of minor hacks you regularly have to do to make things work (note these are after applying the latest “yum” updates).

First of all, if using LDAPS with the “uri” specification in the “/etc/ldap.conf”, even though you’ve specified “LDAPS” it’s too dumb to use the correct port. Thus, a line like this:

uri ldaps://myldapserver.mydomain.com

has to become:

uri ldaps://myldapserver.mydomain.com:636

Why the redundant “:636” is needed I don’t know. It also seems to affect a few later versions of Fedora as well. It does not seem to effect SLES 10.

Another Fedora Core 6-ism, is if you’re using automount. In that case you need to add:


to the “/etc/sysconfig/autofs” settings. Without it automount breaks for no apparent reason (well it is actually apparent, it was a “nfs-util” bug). Later versions of Fedora do not suffer from this issue.


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