How to disable “dumprep.exe”

If you’ve ever had a program spontaneously self destruct in Windows XP and/or you did a forced kill from the task manager for a “Not responding” application, you may have found it takes forever for things to come back to normal and meanwhile your drive is being banged on like crazy. Worse things usually drag to a halt.

The culprit? “dumprep.exe”, a Windows built in that prepares a log file to send to Microsoft to report the “issue”, even if you don’t want to report the issue (like they’re going to read it anyway?).

Fortunately it’s easily disabled:

  • Go to “Control Panel” (classic mode).
  • Double click on “System”, which will bring up the “System Properties” panel.
  • Select the “Advanced” tab.
  • Click the “Error Reporting” button near the bottom.
  • Choose the radio “Disable error reporting”.
  • Click “OK” to all the windows until you’re out.

Done – “dumprep.exe” is disabled. If you ever have an actual issue to report to Microsoft, you can reverse these steps to turn it on again. The default is kind of dumb really as there’s no way Microsoft could ever keep up with all the output from their (bug laden) OS.


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