How to remove a VLAN from a port in CatOS…

I can never seem to remember how to “remove” a VLAN on a switch (eg: Cisco 6500) running the older CatOS. The new IOS based switches are much easier.

Anyway, it’s actually quite simple, just force the port to VLAN 1 (assuming that is your default/native VLAN). For example if port 6/5 was set to a VLAN and you wanted to remove it, just type:

set vlan 1 6/5

and bingo it’s removed from the current VLAN.

Often this is necessary when reusing a port that had a VLAN assignment but you want to use as a trunk.







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  1. Pat Cahill Avatar
    Pat Cahill

    HA!! I actually needed that. thanks.

  2. Neela Prasad Avatar
    Neela Prasad

    Thank for your answer it worked for us

  3. Jose Avatar


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