Apple iPhone “Jailbreak” FUD

Apple may well have good and fair reasons to keep users from “jailbreaking” their iPhones, however the arguments as presented in the article are just FUD:

If AT&T’s cell network is this vulnerable, we have far greater worries than a little iPhone hacking. After all, Apple’s argument is essentially to keep jailbreaking out of the hands of otherwise honest iPhone users (most likely people who would like to install non-Apple approved apps and/or move their iPhones to another carrier than AT&T).

Unfortunately all that is going to do is just that – keep jailbreaking out of the hands of the honest. Those with nefarious intent will still jailbreak their phones and if the networks are as vulnerable as indicated, will happily attack these shortcomings.

Frankly it’s just dumb. Clearly other phones can be hacked as indicated so if these were real issues, we’d already see the fallout.

In short that makes it FUD, or speaking more directly, a lie.

Again Apple may have every legitimate right to protect their iPhones and intellectual property (I’ll leave that to others to argue), however it really irks me when people or corporations stoop to lies to attain their agenda. If they can’t stand on the truth, then maybe they ought to lose to the EFF anyway.

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