Dear Vendors…

I have to say one of my pet peeves is when vendors, and a lot seem to do it today, send emails or leave voicemails acting like we’ve known each other (often sounding like years) when we in fact haven’t even exchanged greetings before. I don’t know if that works for others, but for me it, well, creeps me out and frankly immediately makes me disinclined to work with you.

A recent example (one of many sadly):

I cannot “catch up with” someone I have never met and don’t pretend you’re “trying to reach” me when this is the first email I’ve received from you (ok, it is vaguely possible I’ve received another and “filed” it appropriately as well).

Seriously, does this work with other potential customers? Because opening with deception does not seem like a way to start off on a good foot.

Needless to say, I won’t be speaking to this particular vendor “soon”.


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