Make Excel text fit row height

As part of my job I for better or worse have to deal with Excel on a regular basis. One of the issues I have is the sizing of rows (the cell height) not properly expanding, or conversely shrinking, when I add or remove data in the cell.

It turns out there is a very easy way to clean the row height spacing:

First, select the rows you want to fix the spacing on. For most spreadsheets without fancy formatting, the simplest bet seems to be to select all cells by clicking the left corner of all the cells (examples here are from Excel 2013):

Then assure you are on the home tab:

Then select “Format / AutoFit Row Height”:

Voila! Sane cell height spacing again.

This is particularly useful with “Wrap text” set in cell “Alignment”. Note with wrapping you may have to expand the size of some columns to get Excel not to think there needs to be extra height underneath with text that is very close to the right edge of the cell.


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