Fix VMware Web Client Integration Plugin for Chrome on Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)

The latest vCenter Server 6.0 VMware Web Client Integration Plugin does not work on OS X El Capitan. The installer finishes, but silently fails due to missing libraries, libraries that probably existed in earlier OS X versions.

Because the libraries don’t exist, necessary certificates don’t get generated, and even re-running the installer from the application directory won’t solve it (including with the below hack). What you need to do is ensure the libraries will be there when the installer gets to the “Running package scripts…” section on initial install.

There are a number of possible solutions, but the below seems the cleanest and doesn’t require multiple installs.

Before installing the application, do the following:

Then run the full installer.

This will create a hack to allow the packaged libraries to be used when the package scripts get run. If it’s working correctly the “Running package scripts…” will take many minutes to run as it executes “openssl” to generate the following:

/Applications/VMware Client Integration

If it instead installs very quickly, you can be fairly certain it didn’t install correctly and probably VMware has changed something yet again. If it works, you can both upload files and deploy OVF files.

Hopefully VMware will create a permanent fix. More on why this plugin is required can be found here. How to install/upgrade the plugin itself can be found here.


Jonathon McTaggart (thank you Jonathon!) gave the following update for the latest plugin:


It appears VMware has essentially documented the same fix here, rather than fixing the installer:

The problem is, they are also suggesting you disable a fundamental OS protection temporarily as well. That is a major PIA and sadly doesn’t seem to work on macOS Sierra. I can use OVFs, but I can’t do file uploads. Apparently there is a integrated ESXi HTTP client that some are working on here (via here) that seems to offer some options. This has been a problem for over a year now…


  1. Jonathon McTaggart Avatar
    Jonathon McTaggart

    The fix should now be this with the latest version of the plugin:

    sudo mkdir -p /build/toolchain/mac32/openssl-1.0.1p
    sudo ln -s /Applications/VMware\ Client\ Integration\ /build/toolchain/mac32/openssl-1.0.1p/lib

  2. sdia144 Avatar

    Very helpful. Thanks!

  3. mohit Avatar

    Still not working for me.

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